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Game concepts

The research & development department is the pounding heart of Rus Tony Group. The experienced designers, engineers and technicians are armed with studies and psychological insight into the player. Moreover, they possess first-class aesthetic as well as technological creativity. They design a totally new look for the hardware and think of games that become ever more fascinating and pass the tests of even the most demanding of players. In short, our research & development department is the place where the games of chance and skill of the 21st century are born.



ISO 2009-certificate

Our technicians constantly follow training courses and are always in touch with the latest development in their field of expertise. Our representatives, too, know their business and know exactly when it is time for which game to be replaced. Last but not least, our dozens of maintenance mechanics ensure that every machine functions perfectly, no matter where it is situated. And they do so for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

This constant pursuit of the highest quality was officially recognised by the award in 1997 of the ISO 9002-certificate.

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