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Dream interior

Rus Tony Group opened its first Amusement centre in 1996. At this moment there are more than ten, all providing top amusement ‘Las Vegas’ style. For the design of these centres nothing was left to chance. 


Visitors enter a world of glitter and glamour. The carefully designed setting immediately brings visitors into the right mood. The sparkling appliances cause a dazzling sensation and create the tingling excitement and suspense of the game. An unattainable dream? Not at all. Thanks to the socially inspired policy the Amusement centres are accessible to a very broad public.



Kind and soundly trained staff members make every customer feel at home, and if necessary they guide them in playing games of chance in a socially sensible manner. They also keep a close watch over the safety of visitors. In every centre the fire and other safety measures and the statutory regulations for games of chance are observed rigorously. This is checked regularly in collaboration with local authorities and security services. 


In order to preserve a good, serene atmosphere, no alcohol is served in the Amusement centres and access is reserved for persons of 21 and older.


Perfect locations

The Amusement centres are only planned at carefully screened A-locations, which satisfy a number of strict criteria: good accessibility, sufficient parking space and a respectable, aesthetic environment. 


Every Amusement centre of Rus Tony Group tries to integrate entirely with the neighbourhood. It is a supplement to nightlife, without causing even the least little bit of nuisance for people living in that neighbourhood. Indeed, the legislation pertaining to the environment and to noise nuisance is applied more stringently than strictly required.


The future

The leisure sector is becoming increasingly more important. Within that sector the industry of games of chance and skill deserves a prominent position. It is up to us to ensure that we create optimum conditions for this. We want to enter into a committed collaboration, an enterprise that will benefit every party involved. 


With our know-how we can give the sector the social, economic and organisational underpinning required to arrive at a sound, future-oriented policy. Given the necessary inventiveness and creativity we will definitely succeed in this together.

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